Rebecca Spencer is the founder and Managing Director of Becscomm, a specialist engagement and communication agency with a team of highly skilled engagement practitioners who work with a range of government and private sector clients.

A strategic communications and engagement specialist with 20years experience, Rebecca is called in when the project is tough and the engagement strategy needs to be watertight. She is passionate about the engagement process as well as advocating for the wellbeing of practitioners working on challenging projects.

Rebecca has worked on some of the most complex and challenging infrastructure and community projects in Sydney and Brisbane including West Connex, Sydney Metro, Northern Beaches B-Line, the Hills M2upgrade and the Ipswich Motorway upgrade.

Recently, Rebecca was appointed as the Independent Chair of the Rozelle Parklands Working Group, and as Secretary for Berrys Bay Working Group, and is managing the community and stakeholder consultation process to determine the end-use of these significant and iconic public spaces for the people of Sydney.

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