Comacon instigated an Emerging Consultant trainee program in 2017, after lacklustre results from their Graduate Recruitment program. Five specific professions were targeted and Nina Kozulin, a high school English teacher with ten years’ experience was recruited into the first training group. The intensive program included IAP2 training, computer skills training, being mentored, basic skills package training, shadowing, work experience on a variety of projects and eventually assisting on projects. The program is designed to be completed within a two year time period. Nina was Comacon’s first graduate from the program and is now a Junior Consultant working with Comacon clients.

Nina has managed to use her skills as an English Teacher to assist in her transition to our industry. Not only are her writing and editing skills used to great advantage, she has unlimited patience and the ability to remain calm in the face of outrage. She has a common sense approach and her strong conflict resolution skills lends itself to working with communities and clients to understand their issues. She is resilient, diligent and has great attention to detail. Nina is embracing our work with passionate determination and client feedback has been excellent. Comacon is delighted to have Nina on-board and we look forward to watching her development as an Engagement profession.


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