A senior advisor who understands that great strategy and advice is only useful if delivered well, Dr Libby Mitchell leads a high performing national team of specialists who are successfully engaged in meeting some of Australia’s most complex strategic communication and community engagement challenges. With global, multi-sector experience, Libby designs, implements and provides evidence-led strategic advice on socially and technical complex, multi-disciplinary programs of high impact.  With extensive industry experience and academic credentials, including a doctorate in the field and an extensive background in social science research, Libby is committed to communication and engagement design and delivery that improves and accelerates social outcomes while solving problems requiring policy, engineering and other technical solutions.  With extensive experience in industry and university settings - from tier one universities to Fortune 500 companies - Libby has decades of advising, capacity-building and coaching experience that she applies on a daily basis to support her clients and her team to accelerate the precision and value – socially, economically and technically -  of strategic communication and engagement.

Areas of expertise

—     Simplifying the complex on major multidisciplinary projects,

—      Designing and delivering of high impact multi-tier stakeholder communication and engagement solutions

—      Early positioning strategy for effective policy and project engagement

—     Issues management, crisis communication for better social and community outcomes

—      Capacity building teams in effective communication and engagement

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