Denise started Id Planning in 2000 when she and Ian had both resigned from their corporate roles, had a new baby, 2 dogs and a Balmain mortgage so figured she needed to earn a living.  Little did she know that 20 years later she would still be leading the Id Planning team, along with her husband and business partner and the marriage still in tack (most days).

An urban planner, mediator and lawyer, Denise enjoys working with government and communities to navigate their way through the development and construction of transport infrastructure. She has worked on most of Sydney’s transport projects, with brief spells on the north coast and south east Queensland to increase her Vitamin D. She is an exciting Trivia partner with her key areas of knowledge being air quality, construction of roads and how many options can be developed for one project.

Along with work, Denise manages a household of 5 (including the dog), with an enthusiastic if not that talented passion for endurance sport.  Her major achievements (in addition to getting two kids to adulthood) is learning to swim as an adult and enjoying her work 30 years on.

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