Catherine is the Senior Stakeholder Engagement Consultant for Jacobs (Tasmania).  She has had a colourful portfolio career in Australia and the UK as a public sector executive; a political advisor; and as an archaeologist.  She has had executive board roles and project sponsorship on some of Europe’s largest council housing estate regeneration schemes, including managing community engagement on controversial proposals and public sector budget cuts.

Passionate about getting communities involved in the development of shared vision for sensible, sustainable development, Catherine has developed a conflict-preventative approach to integrated Social Impact Assessment and Co-Design.  She has returned to her home state of Tasmania after 17 years in the UK and is a fierce advocate for bringing Co-Design to Australia to break down our confrontational approach to controversial development proposals.  

Catherine also has an MSc in Middle East Politics and a keen interest in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with a dissertation and fieldwork on a major water project in Israel, Jordan and the West Bank.  She is currently doing a PhD to develop a framework for Peace & Conflict Impact Assessment on infrastructure projects in regions prone to conflict.  


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