Brendon is a proud young Ku-Ku Yalangii (Cape York) and Woppaburra (North Keppel Island) man. He loves his sports and even though he lives in Wilcannia, far west NSW, he is a true Queenslander, loyal to the Broncos, Maroons, Reds and the Lions. But the part he is most recognised for is his commitment to the community that he has lived in for 20 years, Wilcannia.

One Highlight in Brendon's career was when he was the Site Manager of REDI.E business, he works with his team to deliver CDP, Remote School Attendance Strategy, Centrelink and Wilcannia River Radio who won the prestigious Tony Staley Award in Broadcasting at the 2019 Community Broadcasting of Australian Association and in 2021 won the award with TAFE and Water NSW with the NSW TAFE Awards in Partnership in Primary Industry.

Finally he is a proud father of 7 and grandfather of 4 grand-daughters.

In Wilcannia he is known as BB Adams.

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