MBA, BE (Civil)

After more than a decade consulting to government and business on stakeholder engagement, Allison turned her attention to creating software to support the practice of community and stakeholder engagement, because – in her lived-to-regret words – “how hard can it be?”. Fourteen years later, Darzin is the leading stakeholder relationship management software program globally.

In her days as a Consultant (working with many well-regarded Engineering and Consulting firms, as well as in her own Consulting business), Allison managed the engagement on many significant, and often controversial infrastructure projects in NSW and Queensland. She wrote community engagement guidelines for State-based transport agencies,and developed and ran training for numerous agencies. She was a Board Member of the International Association for Public Participation Australasia for many years when the organisation was still fledgling. Allison is passionate about evaluation and was one of the principal architects of the United Nations Brisbane Declaration on Community Engagement, and the author of the Evaluation Framework based on those principles.

In her day job at Darzin, Allison works with infrastructure projects from Melbourne to Turkey, London to Sao Paulo. This work gives her a privileged ‘birds eye” view of community engagement practices and standards across numerous agencies, geographies and jurisdictions. In 2017 both the winner and runners-up prize recipients of the IAP2 Australasia Awards for Infrastructure were Darzin clients. Allison looks forward to sharing some of her learnings and observations of industry best-practice with you at the Conference.

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